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Bay Area Pickup Baseball

Adult Wood Bat Baseball

(SF Bay Area, California)




Next game:


The next game happens when someone can help find a field.

Saturdays from 10AM to 1PM is ideal.  This would be every Saturday, weather permitting, except during fall ball, Sept-Nov.

I can handle everything from bases, balls, umpire, catcher's gear, website signups, waivers and liability insurance.

If someone can secure a regular field we're in.

The BAMSBL board and I talked about having this as a part of the BAMSBL but other than Jim Frenn there wasn't much interest. 

 If you have guys on your team that could potentially pitch on Sundays but they need some work this would be a great way to get them some innings on the bump before you throw them to the wolves on Sunday.  Or maybe you have guys struggling at the plate.  Those extra ABs would definitely help.  Or maybe you have guys who just want to play an extra Saturday game every now and then.

If anyone has a line on a decent field for Saturday rental please let me know.




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send me a note and I'll add you.

Keith Roban


Pickup games include:

1 umpire

Plenty of new NCAA official game balls

Major league style bases

Quality catcher's gear with both lefty and righty mits (just in case)

3 hours of glorious baseball 






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